Introducing: Desert Song Nubian Goats

Heritage-Song Desert Nomad, my show-off. She’s due last of the three sisters, at the end of March.

We are so very excited about our new Nubian goats, added to our herd this year! These three sisters came straight from the highly respected, champion producing Heritage Song Nubians in Glasco, Kansas.

Check out this link to information on their amazing dam, Heritage-Song Purple Rain:

And, Purple Rain’s dam, Purple Haze, here:

Heritage-Song Desert Rain does NOT like to pose for pictures. Due mid-March. I’m suspecting triplets out of her.

All three of these girls, due March of this year (2020), have been bred to our buck, Bluestem Caesar, a gift from my parents’ herd. Neither we nor my parents show goats, since, for biosecurity, we keep closed herds; but his pedigree is really wonderful too.

Bluestem Caesar, our herd sire.
Caesar is so beautifully built. Robust. Every line of him seems perfect to me.

Our Desert Rose’s expected kids’ complete pedigree is here:

Since these girls are sisters with the same pedigree, all bred to the same buck, the above pedigree applies to all kids born this month.

Heritage-Song Desert Rose. Due any day; I’m checking her every few hours now.

Many of the goats in their lineage are show champions; there are grand champions on both the sire’s and dam’s sides.

Desert Nomad, again, with a photobombing chicken.

Our goats are tested yearly for CAE, CL, and Johnnes. We’ve been 100% healthy all the years we’ve had goats. Last testing was done January 2020. The vet who drew blood for labs raved about the health, physical structure and robustness of our goats
New babies will be bottle fed. They are tattooed and disbudded when they are 7-10 days old; we have never had a horn scur on any of our kids since we found an excellent couple to do the work for us.

Whether you’re looking for ADGA registered show goats with wonderful pedigrees, or excellent milkers for your home herd, or a new herd sire, we’ve got goats on the way for you! Doelings will be available for $350 each; bucklings for $250.

Check back soon for good news: Desert Rose is due to kid any day, and her sisters will follow within a week or two.

For more information, contact Julie at

9 thoughts on “Introducing: Desert Song Nubian Goats”

  1. I really need to come see your urban farm. Have a soft spot in my heart for Nubians. A seed planted by your parents…I feel like a grandma to the babes!

    1. I’d love it so much if you came. Maybe your coming will finally motivate me to plant blackberries. What an eye opener it was for me to see yours growing on the edge of your garden!

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