Desert Song Nubian goats, ADGA registered

Desert Song Nubian goats are carefully bred from our herd, selected for their excellent ADGA pedigrees, robust physicality, and gentle demeanors. New kids will available in the spring. Check back for updates then!

Note: I'm new to blogging, but not new to goats.  Until I learn better, follow this link to more info:


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Seasonal Offerings from Desert Song Urban Farm

As we grow and expand, our micro farm and the neighborhood around us provide an ever increasing supply of seasonal offerings.  See what's available now!

Bucklings for sale!
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Beyond Our Farm

Find out where to find locally grown and produced products and the restaurants that use the best of Arizona's seasonal goodness.  Get to know the farmers, producers, and chefs that are making the locavore movement a reality.  This section will become more active when I heal from an achilles tendon tear.

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Finding Our Way--Together

We believe that meals are an expression of community.  From soil to seed to harvest, to market to chef to tables of friends and family, what we eat can show a commitment to caring for those who care for us, for the earth, and for the animals that we have been made responsible for.
Starting here on our own micro farm in Phoenix, Arizona and moving into the ever-widening circles of neighborhood, community gardens, farmers' markets, small farms, and restaurants, we seek to equip our community to find ways to participate in a locally sourced and sustainable food economy; to educate, encourage, and explore the rich local food culture that is possible in the Valley of the Sun and in the state of Arizona.
Here you will find the unfolding story of our own 1/3 acre farm; guides on when and what to plant in our unique climate and what to do with the harvest; entries on raising goats, chickens, and other livestock; as well as information on great restaurants that use locally sourced food and recommendations about growers and producers we trust...and so much more.
Our blog is the place to start.  Come in and be inspired!


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